Technically Invisible

Technically Invisible: Workshop Resources

I’m finding that some of the work I do outside the classroom can be beneficial to teachers.  I’m starting to assemble links to the various webinars I’ve done or been involved in with others.  I hope they’re helpful!


March, 2014

Classroom Websites:  Making the Home:School Connection Stronger

Here is a link to the Google Presentation for this video:

Here is the Bingo Board of Classroom Website Ideas that is mentioned in the video as well:

Connected Educator Bingo


March, 2014

Empowering Elementary Learners with Technology EdTechTeacher Webinar:

Link to resources mentioned in webinar.


February, 2014

::NOTE:: This was my first Google Hangout On Air and I had some technical difficulties. It’s a little rough around the edges.

Project-Based Learning EdTechTeacher Webinar:




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