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Personal Narratives

We use both Lucy Calkins’ Writing Workshop and will begin using Empowering Writers this year to help students develop their skills as authors.  Located below are videos and resources to help support our classroom learning: THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION and frankly, some of my videos aren’t super, ha ha! 🙂 I’m sure, with practice, I’ll get the hang of all this!


Mrs. Brooks reviews the 4 types of beginnings when writing a personal narrative:


The first type is an Action Beginning – here’s a review of the lesson we talked about in class, with an extra opportunity to practice again!


Characters are often talking at the beginning of a story – see how we can use dialogue as a beginning:


Sometimes an author will reveal what the character is thinking at the beginning – here’s a video with some examples:


This fourth video is all about creating beginnings using sound!


Here is a Prezi that I made, to wrap up all the great ideas we shared! Check it out!


Visit the Empowering Writers Channel on YouTube to watch lessons demonstrating writing skills and strategies:


Mrs. Richardson’s class tells us about writing beginnings in personal narratives:

How are their strategies similar and/or different to the strategies you have learned in class?  Write your response in your Writing Journal.


Professor Philip teaches us there is nothing so small or insignificant, that it is not worth writing about.  Pretty cool that a college professor can teach third graders!!


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    1. Suzy Brooks Post author

      I do have them – in my Empowering Writers teacher manual. They have great resources for all stages of the writing process. We are making out way through their program, and one thing I’m thrilled about this year? There are no cases of Writers’ Block in my classroom! Yaay!

      Good luck, Todd, and thanks for your comment 🙂

      Take care,

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