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iPaddling Offshore….

Seems that it is time to venture away from shore, and see where this adventure takes us…

(view how we got started: HERE)

As a group of teachers piloting this program, we had a “virtual” meeting.  During our meeting, we discussed what we’re doing in our respective classrooms in this BYOD adventure.  We also talked about apps that make sense in the classroom.  Our Tech Director, Wendy Haskell, was sharing Nearpod, a very cool app.  So, while I was in the webinar, watching Wendy, and following her slideshow, she could also take control of my iPad.  Check out the view from my Comfy Couch:

Pretty cool, huh?? HA HA, That's Mr. Brooks, snoozing on the other couch between the two...

With our parent meeting successfully behind us, we were actually ready to start this whole “BYOD” thing.  By “WE” – I mean, the students.  ME?  Not as much (but I faked it this week).

So, in the interest of Faking It, I allowed students to pull out their devices.  Can  you believe we had an iPad 1, a DSI XL, a iPhone4 and two iPod Touches??  Couple that with our roving iPad 2’s, and we were apparently good to go!  For the record, we actually used ALL of those devices when they came into class for the first time!!  Check out the pics!!

And an added bonus?? Our iPad cases arrived!!  Each iPad is now snuggled safely into a Otterbox.  PHEW!!!!!!    Mrs. Horton and I are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Class, Class????




October & November…

After some bumpy weeks of riding the Learning Curve without the benefit of seatbelts, all of the iPads were updated to the new IOS and some new apps were added.  We missed a few weeks of access, but hit the ground running.

My hypothesis at this point is to learn a few multi-function apps this year, and use them extensively. That way, we will spend less time learning the app, and more time USING the app.  We have started by learning and using EDUCreations.  I created student accounts for each of my students, and created yet another keyring of usernames and passwords (I need to take a picture of these things!!).   Students are now able to check and see if they are logged in, and if not, they are able to remedy the situation so they are the current user.  So far, we are using EDUCreations to record our work that we do in our reading and math journals.

In Math, we practice Today’s Number in our Math Journals.  Students are given a Magic Number, and then they go through the list of requirements for that day.

Now, on Tech Days, students are able to record their work with Today’s Number using the iPad in EDUCreations.  We have learned that we are not able to fix errors, but are hoping this feature is available, soon.  We are ALL a work in progress :).  Check it out:

Click to watch EDUCreations Video

Click to watch EDUCreations Video

We are also using EDUCreations to do our Vocabulary Center. Students are required to give a definition, a sentence, a drawing and synonyms and antonyms for their words.  Usually this is done in their Reading Journals, but now in EDUCreations, we can include narration. We’re still getting the hang of it, but they’re catching on!!

Click to watch EDUCreations Video

We are also recording our personal narratives.  Again, this is a work in progress.  After only two days of using EDUCreations, we still have a ways to go in perfecting our skills, but we can see the potential.

Click to watch EDUCreations Video

As a teacher, what I enjoy, is the ability to access student work online at home. Also, hearing their little voices brings hard work to life – an added benefit! I’m looking forward to seeing how this can become more invisible, and more effective over time.

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