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Term three has brought about a little change with our classroom iPad/BYOD pilot.  We have decided that we’ll change our tech schedule a bit.  Right now, we have tech days on Tuesday and Thursday, with the occasional Friday afternoon tossed in the mix.  After chatting a bit as a class, we decided on the following:

Tuesday and Thursdays: These will remain the same. We have the iPads rolling in, and students can bring their own technology as well. At this point, we are seeing iPads, Galaxy tablets, iPod Touches, an iPhone, and some Kindles.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – students can BYOD, but we won’t have the extra iPads in the room. Technology can be used for reading or for projects, but not for games or online activities like XtraMath or ScootPad.

As we move into more project-based learning in Term Three, we’ll learn how the devices assist us differently than in years past.  We will see how this goes!

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